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This page provides access to the collection of the ATS management system documents (rules, procedures, guides, guidelines, forms, ...), including laws and regulations in the field of the ATS operations, other laws and technical regulations which prescribe the use of accreditation, and promotional and informational materials (brochures, newsletters, reports, factsheets, presentations, ...).

Accredited conformity assessment bodies or those seeking accreditation can find herein the criteria and rules for accreditation that they shall observe at all times, while the application of mandatory documents, such as guides for the implementation of European and international standards and guides in the field of conformity assessment issued by EA, IAF and ILAC are available via links leading to specific locations within their web pages.

Accredited conformity assessment bodies or those seeking accreditation must regularly check whether they have and apply updated versions of required documents when performing their activities or whether they can have internet access to required documents through this web page.

Documents can be downloaded in pdf or zip format.