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Terms and Conditions of Use

1. General Information

This website is the property of the Accreditation Body of Serbia (ATS) that enables access to the website. This website and the data contained herein may be used free of charge on the condition that the terms and conditions of use are fully complied with. By using this website you are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions.

Visitors are expected to read the Terms and Conditions of Use on a regular basis, whereas it is assumed that visitors are at all times familiar with the current rules and that they understand them completely. The data found on this website or available to users via this website, are general in nature and therefore cannot be considered as those meeting the user's personal requests or special conditions.

The website includes its own content and links to external websites.

ATS reserves the right to change the data posted on this website at any point in time according to its needs and without notice.

ATS makes every effort to ensure that the data are complete, correct, accurate, and up-to-date, whereas ATS cannot be held liable for any error, inaccuracy, loss or damage that may arise from using those data.

If clients wish to enter into a business relationship with ATS, they should not rely just on the data on the website, but they should make a direct enquiry to office@ats.rs.

Should the data provided contain errors or should the data which the user would expect to find on the website is missing, ATS commits itself to rectify the situation without delay and as soon as possible after receiving the information about possible irregularities. If you have any comments or suggestions, please email the webmaster at office@ats.rs. If you find the Terms and Conditions of Use unclear or if you do not understand them, please contact us.

ATS reserves the right to occasionally change the Terms and Conditions of Use without prior notice, while the users will be informed thereof through this website.

2. Availability and compatibility

ATS will make every effort for the website to be always available and disclaims any liability for any loss or damage that may arise due to the unavailability of the website.

ATS cannot guarantee that the files contained herein are compatible with the user's computer configuration. The user must make sure to obtain the appropriate IT hardware and software, including security software (e.g. firewall, anti-virus software, etc.).

3. Protection of intellectual property

As the sole owner ATS claims a copyright on the content of this website.

All the texts, photographs, data, domain names, logos and other elements are protected by the Law on Intellectual Property Rights and Similar Rights. Parts or entire website may not be copied, reproduced, transmitted, published or distributed without prior written consent of ATS unless otherwise stipulated by the Law on Intellectual Property Protection Rights and Similar Rights.

Users can download information and materials even without prior written permission and keep them in the hard storage.

4. Copyright

Protection of copyright including graphics, texts and other materials is governed by the Law on Intellectual Property Protection Rights and Similar Rights. In case you want to publish some of the materials from the website, first you need to obtain the written consent from ATS.

Unauthorised use means a breach of copyright and may cause a lawsuit to be instigated. Some information from this website can be published in appropriate form, if it is clearly stated that “ the information is obtained from www.ats.rs"  and if the Law on Intellectual Property Protection Rights and Similar Rights is strictly observed.

5. Links to third-party websites

This website contains links to the websites operated by third parties, i.e. by other bodies and organisations for the sole purpose of informing the users thereof. ATS cannot be held responsible for the reliability, accuracy or quality of the content of such websites and consequently disclaims any liability. It is not possible to control the contents or accessibility of the websites of the said bodies or organisations. The links should help explain the mode of operation of the entire quality infrastructure, i.e. accreditation and conformity assessment as integral elements thereof.

6. Unauthorised use of the website

Users of this website agree that they shall not:
a. wrongfully or unlawfully use the information on this website
b. use this website in a way that may damage, alter or disrupt its availability or affect its efficiency in any way,
c. use this website to transmit or post computer viruses, unlawful or wrongfully obtained materials or materials that are in any way inappropriate,
d. use this website to violate the rights of natural persons or legal entities in any way, including but not limited to privacy or intellectual property rights.
ATS reserves the right to deny access to the website if the rights of third parties are violated as a result of breach of the aforementioned provisions or any other users’ actions.

7. Personal Data

ATS may, if stipulated by the law, collect certain users` data obtained while visiting the website (only the data on the computer and internet service provider). ATS will use this data only to upgrade the website and adapt the contents to those visiting it. The said data will help identify the most popular pages.

8. Liability

ATS cannot be held responsible, except in case of wilful misconduct or gross negligence and proven causal connection to the damage, the for any damage that may result from the use of this website or by using any information posted thereon or which can be accessed through this website (e.g. via links to other websites).

ATS cannot be held liable for any damage resulting from technical shortcomings, disruption to access to this site or any interference that may harm the computer system or software.

ATS cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by viruses, bugs or similar phenomena should these occur when visiting the website considering all the measures taken.