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About Us

Accreditation is a process conducted by a national accreditation body upon which it determines and verifies that a specific organisation meets the requirements necessary to perform certain conformity assessment activities laid down in relevant international standards and that it is competent to perform the said activities.

In Serbia accreditation is granted by the Accreditation Body of Serbia - ATS. ATS was founded by the Republic of Serbia as the sole institution performing accreditation activities in accordance with the Law on Accreditation.

When performing its activities ATS adheres to the following values:

Impartiality and independence

In the field of accreditation, the impartiality rule requires that the accreditation body has to be impartial in making decisions on accreditation. This means that ATS shall not have any conflict of interest with the body applying for accreditation and that ATS shall not be subject to any kind of pressure that might be of political, commercial, financial, etc. nature in order not to jeopardise its impartiality.

ATS applies itself to promote the importance and recognition of the role of accreditation, and to properly perform its tasks in order to safeguard the general interest by being the highest authoritative level of control of conformity assessment services delivered in both voluntary (market driven) and mandatory (law regulated) spheres.

As such, accreditation must be carried out under the following conditions:
  - with recognised mandate from the government at national level
  - in such a fashion as to completely observe independence and impartiality requirements
  - with full accountability towards all interested parties, with no party being a predominant majority preference
  - an accreditation body shall be a non-profit institution in order to avoid any competition with accredited conformity assessment bodies.

When granting accreditation, ATS endeavours to safeguard the interests of all parties involved, whereby the attention shall be paid to the independence of the assessors when deploying an assessment team.

Market orientation

ATS strives to carry out the wishes of its clients as long as it does not affect the assessment. With that end in view we deploy various forms of communication to assert our role amongst our clients and to successfully anticipate the needs of the market for the new services and information.


ATS’s success depends on a sound internal set-up. We particularly emphasise the importance of good business communication, clear decision-making structure within ATS and clearly defined tasks, competences and responsibilities.

Competence and integrity

Participation in appropriate training and education leads to the increased level of competence of assessors and technical experts, while ATS continually monitors and evaluates the competence levels of its assessors and technical experts during assessments, i.e. by being part of the assessment team through announced or unannounced witnessing, accreditation decision-making, and feedback from assessed conformity assessment bodies, opinions and possible complaints. Such capacity building measures in case of permanent employees and external assessors and experts involved, and maintenance of an appropriate level of competence is essential to the accreditation decision-making . Thus, ATS upholds and safeguards its integrity as the trust-oriented institution in accordance with its slogan - "trust in competence".